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Haines & Krieger, Attorneys at Law

Haines & Krieger, Attorneys at Law
Category : Las Vegas / Bankruptcy Attorney
Address : 8985 S Eastern Ave #130, Henderson, NV 89123
Phone : (702) 880-5554
Website : http://www.hainesandkrieger.com/
Views : 2342

Experience and Reputation

Haines & Krieger possesses extensive experience representing debtors in bankruptcy matters. They have earned a reputation for thoughtful, ethical, proactive and (when necessary) aggressive work on behalf of their clients. They have a particular knack for understanding their clients’ needs, anticipating problems and developing effective and practical solutions.

Proactive, Intelligent and Zealous Advocates

Haines & Krieger is extremely effective at helping its clients navigate their way through the bankruptcy laws. However, George Haines and David Krieger also excel at clearing new paths and setting new standards when required. By staying on top of new bankruptcy law developments, they have devised intelligent, cutting-edge arguments for their clients—well-reasoned arguments that have led Courts to new interpretations of the bankruptcy code and that continue to be cited by other bankruptcy lawyers.

Leaders in Ethical Conduct and Standard Setting

  • Haines & Krieger is on the Professional Responsibility Rules Committee for the Nevada Bankruptcy Court.
  • The firm is frequently listed on the “Pro Bono Honor Roll” in Nevada Lawyer Magazine.
  • In 2009 Haines & Krieger was invited to join the American Consumer Bankruptcy College, a prestigious group of bankruptcy practitioners who file large numbers of cases while operating at the highest levels of legal ethics and principals. The attorneys in this group are at the forefront of change in their various practice jurisdictions and are well respected by their bars, judges and clients. 
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