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Fake utility bill being emailed to Las Vegas residents

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some residents in Las Vegas are facing real sticker shock. They're getting slapped with unexpected charges for hundreds of dollars.

"I'm livid," said Sylvia DiDomenico. "It makes me very upset. Very upset."

She's warning everyone about a bill emailed to her last week for more than $500. It looks like it's from the utility company Pacific Gas & Electric based in California.

"PG&E has never been my energy carrier," said Sylvia.

But that's not all. A closer look and she caught a major red flag. It was sent from an email address in Britain.

"I knew right away it was a scam," said Sylvia.

And she's right. PG&E has issued a warning on their website. If you get the fake bill, the utility company said don't respond, and don't click on the provided link.

"There's a section on the email that says to log into your account, click here," said Sylvia.

She said her husband clicked on it, and the link asked him to provide their personal information. PG&E also said, don't open any attachments. It could lead to a virus or malware.

That's why Sylvia is spreading the word, "It upsets me because they take advantage of people. They're waiting for somebody to click on what they have there, so they can steal the information."

Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: Don't ever respond to any email asking for your personal information. Always confirm where the email is coming from. In this case, PG&E said they never email customers, requesting personal information.

If you get the fake bill, PG&E wants to hear from you. Report it to CorporateSecurity@pge.com or call 1-800-743-5000.