General Privacy Policy

Last Updated December 22, 2023

LVlocal’s Privacy Policy is dedicated to the protection of personal information for users in Las Vegas, NV. It details the collection, use, and sharing of data including contact, demographic, and usage information. Emphasizing user privacy, it outlines the rights of users regarding their data and the measures taken for data security. The policy also addresses how information is collected, emphasizing transparency and user control. The policy is adaptable, reflecting changes in data protection practices. Users are encouraged to review the policy regularly.


  1. Types of Personal Information Collected At LVlocal, we gather various categories of personal information, which include:

(a) Contact and Demographic Information: This encompasses data such as your first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact details. Additionally, we may gather information about your age, country of residence, and language preference.

(b) Account Credentials: For authentication and account access, we collect details like passwords and other similar security information.

(c) Usage Information: We track your interaction with our products and services. This covers aspects such as the search queries you input, web pages you visit, the links you interact with, and your purchase activities. Furthermore, we gather data on your browsing history, including websites you visited before and after engaging with our sites. Information regarding your device, including IP address, device identifiers, and details about your network, operating system, browser, and the software utilized for connecting to our services, is also collected.

(d) Location Information: Based on your IP address, we may collect geographical location data.

(e) Payment Information: In the event of a purchase, we gather essential payment processing data like your name, credit card number, and security code.

(f) Support Information: Should you contact LVlocal’s customer support, we may collect details of your interactions. This includes monitoring and recording phone conversations or any correspondence with our representatives.

(g) Directory and Public Record Information: LVlocal also aggregates and licenses information from third-party sources for our people search and directory services. This information encompasses names, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, potential aliases, possible relatives and associates, date of birth, email addresses, property records, as well as traffic, criminal, public, license, and permit records.

  1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information Our collection and utilization of personal information are pivotal for delivering valuable products and services, such as our online directory service, to you and others. This data aids in enhancing the quality of our offerings, processing payments, deterring fraud, and tailoring advertising. We are committed to legal compliance and providing robust customer support. Additionally, the information is instrumental in verifying data received from other sources, assessing the usage and impact of our products and services, and fostering their continual improvement. We utilize data to manage disputes, enforce agreements, safeguard our users from fraud and abuse, and to send you communications, including promotional materials, as well as for targeted advertising.
  2. Sharing and Selling Personal Information We share personal information to deliver and improve our products and services, including our online directory. This sharing is necessary for completing transactions or providing services you have requested or authorized. For instance, payment data shared during a purchase is disclosed to entities handling payment processing and fraud prevention.

We also collaborate with third-party companies like vendors providing customer service or data analytics on our behalf. Personal information may be disclosed or sold during corporate transactions like bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales. We share information when legally obliged, such as in response to subpoenas or to prevent harm or serious injury. In some cases, legal provisions may mandate or prohibit additional notice regarding data sharing. We may disclose information in response to legal demands without prior notice to you. Finally, we share information with third-party advertisers for relevant online and mobile advertising.

  1. Methods of Information Collection The nature of data we collect is contingent on your use of our services and features. Some data is provided directly by you, like when you create an account, submit search queries, or seek support. Our servers collect “log data,” including your IP address, visit time, referring website’s URL, and your device or browser type. We and our partners gather information by monitoring your interaction with our services and your web navigation patterns. Technologies like cookies and web beacons, used by us and our partners, aid in understanding user behavior. Third-party analytics providers help us compile aggregated statistics about our services and the effectiveness of our websites and campaigns.

We also receive information from third-party sources, including surveys, data licensors, public records, marketing companies, and other consumers. This external information helps us validate and enrich our database for enhanced service provision.

  1. Protecting Your Information We employ commercially reasonable safeguards to protect collected information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. However, no security measures can ensure absolute protection. We advise you to secure your password, phone, and computer to prevent unauthorized access. We are not liable for lost, stolen, or compromised passwords or any unauthorized account activity.
  2. Accessing and Managing Your Personal Information You can access, correct, or modify your personal information via your account. For assistance, contact our customer support at

To unsubscribe from marketing communications, send a request with your email address to Note that you may still receive account and billing notices. For removing a listing associated with your identity, refer to our FAQ for guidance and procedures.


  1. Types of Information Collected by Third Parties When you access our websites or use our mobile applications, third parties may gather information. This includes your search activities (like names or locations searched), and general data about you (such as browser type, mobile device type, unique user ID, mobile carrier, IP address, visit dates and times, location, and pages viewed). Some products and services might collect specific data like your name, phone number, and IP address. However, unless you explicitly provide personal details, third-party information is generally limited to non-personally identifiable data.
  2. Methods of Third-Party Information Collection Third parties employ technologies like cookies and web beacons to gather information. A cookie is a small file with a unique ID tag that stores data (for example, pages visited, voluntarily provided information). A web beacon is a tiny graphic file that tracks whether a page has been viewed.
  3. Purposes of Third-Party Information Collection Third parties collect data to: (i) Provide relevant online and mobile advertising on and off our sites; (ii) Assist us in evaluating and enhancing the effectiveness of our products and services; (iii) Fulfill their own business objectives, like reporting aggregate, non-personally identifiable usage data for their services and technologies.
  4. Usage and Sharing of Collected Information by Third Parties The handling of collected data is governed by the privacy policies of the third-party companies we collaborate with, such as Amazon or Google. For specific details, please refer to their respective privacy policies.
  5. Opting Out of Third-Party Information Collection and Use To manage your preferences regarding information collection for relevant online advertising, you can visit specific opt-out links provided. For Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. To opt-out of Amazon’s personalized advertising, follow their designated opt-out link.
    Regarding “Do Not Track” signals, as there is no standardized interpretation, we currently do not modify our practices in response to these signals.
  6. Interest-Based Advertising We adhere to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising regarding data collection and use for interest-based advertising. We expect third parties to comply with the disclosed principles, which include providing a standard icon/link near advertisements for additional information about their privacy and advertising practices and an opt-out option. To manage preferences for certain interest-based advertisements, you can follow the provided opt-out link. Please note that we are not responsible for third-party compliance or the accuracy of their program descriptions. Even with opt-out, you may still receive non-interest-based ads. Opting out is limited to the selected members and does not guarantee the cessation of all targeted content or ads. If your browser rejects cookies or you change devices or browsers, your opt-out may not be effective.


  1. Children’s Privacy Protection Our services are designed for individuals 18 years of age and older. We conscientiously avoid publishing information pertaining to individuals under the age of 18. In the event that you become aware of any individual under 18 whose information has been inadvertently published through our services, or if you have any concerns regarding the privacy of children, please contact us immediately for necessary action.
  2. How do you contact us? If you have any questions about this policy, please email us at
  3. Updates to the Privacy Policy The date at the top of this page indicates the last revision of our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without issuing personalized notifications. We recommend that you regularly review this page to stay informed about our current privacy practices.
  4. Contacting Us For inquiries or concerns about this policy, please reach out to us via email at We are committed to addressing your questions and providing necessary assistance.